Our sea kayaking can range from the super chilled to super adventurous - it's up to you! Cruise around hidden bays and paddle through beautiful sea caves. If you are feeling more adventurous, tackle the waves and gullies. We have an awesome range of kayak team challenges for you and your friends to take on.

Depending on tides, weather conditions and group vibe we can spend time in the following places:



This premier location has it all, a great bay to chill out in and play games, with caves, rocky outcrops and hidden bays to explore. It also has epic gully runs and the potential for awesome surf kayaking.



A historic and beautiful venue for kayaking. It offers wonderful views of the famous "sleeping elephant" as well as a safe and relaxed harbour to play in. There are also gullies and hidden bays that are well worth exploring.



A sheltered and tranquil venue for kayaking. From playing games in the bay, to exploring hidden beaches, rocky outcrops and caves, this stunning area of coastline has it all.



  • A standard lifeguard assisted sea kayak session costs £35 per person at all of our venues


  • Generous discounts apply for groups of 8 and 12 or more


Guy cliff jumping

ticket to awesomeness

Catch a wave and surf it with style without flipping

Please bring…

  • towel A towel
  • Sun creamSun cream
  • Change of clothesChange of clothes
  • ShortsOld shorts
  • ShoesOld shoes

And we'll supply…

  • WetsuitWetsuit
  • Buoyancy AidBuoyancy aid
  • helmetHelmet
  • EquipmentEquipment

We recommend…

  • WaterWater
  • Waterproof cameraWaterproof camera
  • SnacksSnacks
  • Flip flopsFlip flops