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The first bit of news on the new website – 6th June 2017…….D-Day for Point Breaks!

Firstly, thanks again to Sam @ DevonWebs for putting all this together and i’m really stoked with the result.

The plan for this news feed/blog is to announce updates on sessions available/not available, stuff going on in and around North Devon over the summer, what the surf is doing (although you can check that out on the surf report found under the surf lesson section), OFFERS (keep your eyes peeled) on sessions during the season, kit that we sell off, and anything else that might come to mind!

So, as with those D-Day landings all those years ago (incidentally the Yanks used are favourite surfing beaches here in ND as training grounds for those landings….so next time you’re out having a surf, sitting out the back, say a quiet little thank you for their sacrifice) the weather has gone bonkers and is blowing wet and wild like it’s late autumn……don’t worry though as summer is still here, the jellies are on the beach which means the gulf-stream is pushing up all that lovely warm water for us to enjoy!

This coming weekend we are booked up with a school group for surfing so you can find us over at Putsborough Beach. If you are wanting to book a session or more over the summer then don’t hesitate, give me a call.

I really hope you like the new website and we look forward to meeting you for fun in the sun*over 2017.

Come and enjoy the ride. Ciao.

*although we would love it to be sunny all the time we can’t guarantee that on the odd occasion it might be liquid sun! 

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